Three Hallmarks of a Strong Site Domain Authority You Need to Know

In search engine optimisation space,one of the most discussed topics is the domain authority ranking metric developed by Moz. If you haven’t heard of it yet,think of it as the website’s reputation and credibility on a particular subject matter.

The metric ranks your site from 1 to 100 and the higher the score is,the better chances your website will rank. But how can you be sure your website has strong domain authority rank? Here are some good pointers from an SEO agency in Hong Kong:

Strong backlink network

Google favour sites with strong and diverse link profile or backlinks network,as this usually signals that other sites deem your page or content reputable and trustworthy. So,make sure to regularly review all the backlinks in your link profile and weed out those that don’t meet Google’s standards. Bad links will only drag down the credibility of your website and lower its domain authority ranking.

Engaging content

Engaging,informative content is a huge magnet for site visitors. While a good content strategy is exactly technical like all the other SEO techniques,it’s the driving force that attracts users to you which in turn improve your site’s authority score. More traffic means more people will share your page,expanding your brand’s online presence even more.

Clean up your SEO work

Lastly,you need to pay closer attention to your on-page and off-page SEO. Are you targeting the right keywords? Are your meta tags up to date? Is your site responsive and mobile-friendly? Google search’s algorithm assesses tons of signals when ranking sites and if your SEO isn’t up to par with its standard,your site’s domain authority will fall right off.

Like in the real world,there’s really no shortcut in building reputation and credibility. It pays to be extra careful and do the legwork to improve your website’s domain authority score.

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